November 1, 2015 No Comments NicoleStinsonAdmin Selling Your Home

My answer is the first price should be the best price!  Research has shown the first two weeks on the market is critical. Many homeowners want to list their homes based on what they paid for it, or attempt to recoup the upgrades they did while living there. In reality, your home is worth only what the market will back up.  If you price your home too high, some potential buyers won’t even look at all, while others will simply walk away without making an offer.

When interviewing realtors, you may be tempted to pick the real estate agent who suggests the highest price for your property to list. However, the realtor who provides the best comparative market analysis and explanation of how your home should be priced will more likely sell your home quicker and for a highest price than someone who tells you only what you want to hear. The realtor that uses this strategy is banking on doing a price reduction, once you sign the listing agreement; they know they can convince you of a price reduction.

Overpricing your home hurts the overall value of the home, while also sacrificing your time as you wait and learn that overpricing was a big mistake.
Take your time to choose the right Real Estate Professional. Someone local, that is knowledgeable with the home values in your community and works full time in real estate. With your realtor’s advice you are more likely to have a quick and smooth transaction. That will result in you getting the most amount of money in the least amount of time for your home.

Remember, the homes priced appropriately are the homes that sell first!

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