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The answer is, yes! When purchasing a new construction home, what you see in the builder’s model is not always what you get for the advertised base price. It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of touring a beautifully decorated model home. This is why it is important to have a real estate professional watching out for your best interest and guiding you through the purchase, construction, and customization process of a new home.

The builder’s representative or onsite sales agent is there to answer questions and assist those that walk in. They can explain the differences between models and floor plans, and provide information about available upgrades, but they are hired to represent and protect the builder’s interests and to get the most profit for the homes they sell. The job of a real estate professional you hire is there to represent you and to provide you with objective professional advice through all phases of the process. Your real estate professional will help you understand your contract and obligations, and the many factors involved with buying a new home, including pricing, timelines, inspections and building practices. The realtor will help you negotiate sales price, upgrade options, fees, closing costs, and much more. Would you go to court without an attorney representing you? Then why would you go into the largest purchase of your life without a real estate professional representing you?

A common misconception is that the builder will discount the price of the home or offer incentives if the homebuyers don’t use a Realtor®. Whether you use a Realtor® or not you will pay the same price. A Realtor® will work on our behalf to negotiate the terms and get you the best sales price. If a buyer goes to a builder without the guidance and assistance of a Realtor®, it could cost much more in the long run. Some buyers also think that hiring a Realtor® will cost them money. However, as a buyer, hiring a Realtor® to represent you is a free service. In most cases, the builders have a marketing budget already set aside, from which agent commissions are paid. If you don’t use a Realtor® you are putting that money right back into the builder’s pockets. Why would homebuyers put themselves at such a disadvantage?

Purchasing a new home is not a process you should enter into alone. Hiring a Realtor® means you have a qualified, licensed, professional representing your interests. So next time you think about going to tour the new model homes in your area, call your Real Estate Professional to accompany you, get you registered, and start a stress free transaction.

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